chiropractic adjustmentsCHIROPRACTIC CARE

Chiropractic has been a proven resource to improve the function of the spine and decrease the rate of degeneration and complications in those who have scoliosis and other chronic or acute conditions.  Dr. Likens has years of experience in treating and improving scoliosis, auto accident injuries, and more.


Dr. Likens has been practicing acupuncture since 2001 and has extensive experience and training in it's application.  It has proven to be a tremendous resource for his patients who need help with headaches and pain, and it has been an exceptional tool to expedite the healing process after an injury.



The balance of clinical nutrition is critical not only to the proper function of the body's systems and function but also to it's structural stability as well.  Dr. Likens has significant post-graduate training and experience in the application of clinical nutrition to assist his patients in their road to recovery.



Soft tissue manipulation, stabilization, and retraining is a vital component to proper healing and proper joint function, especially for those who demand the most of their body.  Dr. Likens incorporates these techniques into his treatment to expedite the healing process and maximize the bodies restoration efforts.



Modalities are frequently used to reduce pain and inflammation as well as decrease muscle spasms.  They aid in assisting the body to relax prior to chiropractic treatment.  At Navarre Chiropractic Center, we have found that modalities often make the adjustment a more pleasant experience and also help the adjustment “hold” longer as they give the body a chance to adapt to the changes that the doctor or treatment has made to your body.  Electric Muscle Stimulation, Acupuncture, PiezoWave (MyACT), Spinal Decompression, Ultrasound, Vibratory Therapy, Mechanical Traction, Heat and Cryo Therapy, and Mechanical Intersegmental Joint Mobilization are all pain modalities that we offer.