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How to Pay for Chiropractic Care Without Insurance

The Rise of Chiropractic Care

Over one million chiropractic adjustments are made every day in America. Chiropractic care has been growing in recent years as more Americans turn to it as a drug-free option for pain relief and management. At least 35 million Americans visit chiropractors each year. Chiropractors are part of the larger trend toward holistic and integrative healthcare. Patients appreciate doctors who consider the whole picture of their health, not just the symptoms.

In traditional medicine, it’s not uncommon to encounter insurance battles, such as finding an in-network provider, obtaining pre-authorizations, and facing restrictions on the types of covered care and treatments. These issues are particularly challenging for those seeking non-drug or non-invasive healthcare options like chiropractic care. All of these factors combined can make it feel complicated or even impossible to find answers and relief.

These challenges make self-pay chiropractic care stand out as a much more straightforward and streamlined approach to managing one’s health. Self-pay simply refers to paying out of pocket rather than relying on insurance or a third-party payer. With self-pay, individuals pay directly for the services rendered after each appointment.

The Benefits of Self-Pay Chiropractic Care

Of course, the exact cost may vary per session due to factors such as the types of treatments, additional services provided, and whether x-rays are taken. However, there are several advantages to choosing self-pay for chiropractic care:

  • Flexibility: Without insurance or third-party payers, you have complete control as a patient over your choice of chiropractor, appointment scheduling, and the type of services you elect.
  • Privacy: Opting for self-pay means you won’t need to share information about your health conditions or concerns with your insurance company since there will be no health claims involved. This ensures greater privacy.
  • Affordability: Chiropractic care is actually quite affordable without using insurance. It can be more cost-effective than big insurance plans that require large premiums. Chiropractic care also provides a great option for individuals without health insurance. Furthermore, self-pay chiropractic care can be a more affordable pain management strategy than relying on pain medication or undergoing surgery.
  • Saving time & money: A study spanning seven years and involving over 70,000 people found that chiropractic care saved them time and money. The study revealed that chiropractic care resulted in 60.2% fewer hospital admissions, 59.0% fewer hospital days, 62.0% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures, and an impressive 85% decrease in pharmaceutical costs.

Payment Options for Self-Pay Chiropractic Care

But how do you pay for chiropractic care when you’re not using insurance? Well, you can expect all the typical payment options you might use in other scenarios, including cash, debit cards, credit cards, and checks. You can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for chiropractic care or be reimbursed for it. In many cases, chiropractic offices may offer a payment plan if necessary.

  • Cash and check: Almost everyone accepts cash as payment at the time services are rendered. Some providers even offer a discount for paying in cash since it can save them processing fees. Checks are widely accepted, but it’s important to check with your chiropractic office before your appointment to avoid any hiccups.
  • Card: Whether it’s a debit or credit card, your self-pay chiropractor most likely accepts it. This makes it easy for you to pay and keep track of your payments.
  • HSA / FSA: Chiropractic care is eligible to be paid for using both of these types of accounts. When considering using the FSA, keep in mind that you must “use it or lose it,” so getting chiropractic care can be a great option.
  • Payment Plan: You can inquire with your chiropractor’s office staff about any available payment plans, allowing you to spread the payments out over time rather than paying all at once.

Understanding the Costs of Chiropractic Care

However, it is unlikely that you will need a payment plan because chiropractic care is very affordable. Your first visit might have a slightly higher price tag due to the thorough examination, possible x-rays, and other factors. The initial consultation and examination can range from $50 to $200, typically including a comprehensive assessment of your health and medical history, a physical exam, and potentially other diagnostic tests and imaging.

Once you have a treatment plan, subsequent visits that include various therapies and adjustments average around $50, but the cost can increase depending on additional services provided, such as heat therapy and electrical muscle stimulation.

The good news is that once you have your treatment plan, you can ask exactly what to expect for future sessions and plan your payments accordingly. Most subsequent visits will have a consistent billing amount, providing you with predictability.

More and more Americans are turning to self-pay chiropractic care as a holistic, drug-free, and non-surgical option for pain relief and overall health and wellness. The flexibility, privacy, and affordable pricing make self-pay chiropractic care a great option for many. By paying with traditional methods or even utilizing an HSA or FSA, patients can access care without the hassle of insurance. If you’re seeking a patient-centered approach to your health, wellness, and pain management, consider trying self-pay chiropractic care. Dr. Llaird Likens provides a self-pay option and serves residents and visitors of Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Midway, and Mary Esther.

Unlocking a Pain-Free Future: The Transformative Power of an Exceptional Chiropractor

Finding the right doctor can be frustrating. In modern medicine, you may be bounced around from specialist to specialist, but you may never really feel like you’re getting the right answers. However, if you’re in pain or searching for the right answer, finally finding the right medical professional can be life-changing.

For example, patients Ashley and Marc had been through many doctors who had never been able to find the source of pain or make the correct diagnosis. That led to pain, a reduction in activity as well as lifestyle and, of course, frustration.

Today they’re both happy, healthy and living active lifestyles.

Dr. Llaird Likens has a unique skill set and variety of experience which makes him an exceptional chiropractor. He is always willing to delve deeper and identify the underlying issues of his patients which has been instrumental in transforming their lives.

Today, we will take a deeper dive into two of those patient experiences. Read on to learn if chiropractic care might be the right next step to reducing your pain or solving a medical problem.

When Ashley S. came to Dr. Likens, she’d already been through a chain of doctors who overlooked the source of her pain. Does that sound familiar at all to you? Sometimes in the rush of a medical appointment and a doctor’s schedule, you may never get to the root of your problem. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe medication or procedures to alleviate pain, for example, but they do not take the time to investigate and discover why the pain is there in the first place.

For people like Ashley, that can spell disaster. That is because chronic pain can keep you from living the life you desire. Muscle pain or joint pain can limit your mobility and can even affect your mood. If you’re active like Ashley, your lifestyle may be what keeps you feeling motivated and happy.

That’s why it is so important to Dr. Likens discover the root cause of pain. His goal is to treat the underlying cause and get your body back to its optimal state so it can heal itself.

Many active people and athletes like Ashley know the value of chiropractic care to maintain their lifestyle.

That’s what brought Marc C. in with his son Sam, a high school sophomore and athlete. Rather than just making a quick adjustment to an otherwise healthy-appearing young man, Dr. Llaird Likens took the time to do a full exam and talk to Sam. 

“Through experience and intuition Laird knew something more was going on. The issue he diagnosed had been previously missed by other medical professionals,” said Marc, Sam’s father. “Llaird’s diagnosis allowed us to get Sam the treatment he needed in ‘the nick of time’.”

Dr. Likens discovered Sam has a serious spinal disorder which had gone unnoticed by other medical professionals. Today, Sam is a college student and athlete. His father is forever grateful that he took him in for that “routine” appointment with Dr. Likens.

“Llaird is an example of a person who is working in his God-given profession/calling,” Marc said.

What do you expect out of your medical care? Do you expect expertise? Do you expect someone to be able to look at your entire health and wellness picture and provide advice and treatment accordingly? Do you expect to get answers rather than just treatment for symptoms?

That’s what you get when you see Dr. Likens. That is what his unique perspective and experience brings to each and every appointment. In their testimonials, Ashley and Marc bear witness to the incredible impact having a great chiropractor and medical professional in your corner can make on your life.

Dr. Liken’s ability to delve deeper and identify the underlying issues has been instrumental in transforming the lives of his patients. The significance of finding the right chiropractor cannot be overstated. Dr. Llaird Likens is a shining example of how the right healthcare professional can have a life-changing impact. His dedication to his profession and his unique ability to uncover overlooked sources of pain have not only improved the physical well-being of his patients but also restored their quality of life.

If you’re experiencing pain or seeking answers, please know that there are medical professionals out there like Dr. Likens who truly want to help you. You can absolutely unlock a brighter, pain-free future. If you are in search of a healthcare professional who goes above and beyond, consider the difference that an exceptional chiropractor like Dr. Llaird can make in your life.

Dr. Llaird Likens has been serving Northwest Florida including Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Midway, Mary Esther for 18 years and has helped hundreds of patients. He offers affordable self-pay options. Give us a call today to make your first appointment and be on the way to getting answers and a healthier, happier future.

Why Chiropractic Care Should Be Part of Your Chronic Pain Management Plan

Are you one of the 50 million Americans that suffer from chronic pain?

Having pain that does not go away no matter what you try can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Chronic pain that persists can restrict daily activities at work and with family and can lead to frustration, anxiety, depression, and even social isolation.

Fortunately, chiropractic care is a great option for anyone suffering from chronic pain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about 20 percent of adults in America suffer from pain that lasts three months or longer. Chronic pain is a leading cause of disability and a common reason for seeking medical care.

Dr. Llaird Likens is a trusted chiropractor who has been helping patients with chronic pain for nearly 18 years.

“Dr Likens has been my savior for a few years now. Whenever my hips and lower back get out

of wack a quick adjustment and I’m like new again,” said Amanda, a long time patient of Dr. Likens.

Chronic pain can worsen when it’s not treated properly. Traditional medicine methods can sometimes mask the pain with medication or use surgery that permanently alters the body.

Instead, chiropractic care can release pressure, tension and pain with regular treatments and keep the pain away naturally. Regular treatments keep the tension and pain from building back up in a non-invasive, medication-free way. 

Keeping the pain away is important, but there is more to Dr. Likens’ approach.

“He’s also very informational and truly wants to help solve the problem. I’ve been taught how to try and prevent the problems from reoccurring as often,” said Amanda.

Helping patients understand what is happening with their bodies and how it is affecting their health is a primary focus for Dr. Likens. He is genuinely concerned for the patient’s overall wellness and recovery. Treatment is not just about coming in for an adjustment and leaving. Educating and including the patient in on the treatment and recovery plan is vital. Not only does it put the patient more at ease, it can also help reduce future problems, pain and injuries.

Since every patient is different, Dr. Likens ensure that they receive personalized attention and consideration to address their unique situation and needs.

“I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who’s looking for relief,” Amanda said.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor with years of experience and a commitment to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness, look no further than Dr. Likens. With over 18 years of experience serving the Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Midway, and Mary Esther communities, Dr. Likens is a trusted provider of chiropractic care. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or looking to maintain your overall health, Dr. Likens can work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs. So why wait? Contact Dr. Likens today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you.

How chiropractic care can help you avoid surgery and manage pain

In 1967 Joseph Kabalka was in Vietnam hiking over mountains and hills. He was on the move constantly, being dropped here and there from a helicopter. Along with his fellow marines, he’d jump out of the “chopper” six feet from the ground.

“I firmly believe that’s why I have the problems I have today,” Joseph said, referring to the stress the jumps and gear-laden hikes put on his shoulders, neck and back.

While Joseph’s injuries have a unique origin story, many people suffer from low back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. The resulting pain from an accident or personal injury can limit mobility and reduce quality of life. And, like Joseph, for many the pain continues to compound until they find themselves in a doctor’s office.

In Joseph’s case, he found himself at a sports doctor’s office in Pensacola where they gathered x-rays and MRIs. When the doctor called Joseph in to talk about the results, it wasn’t promising.

“There’s really nothing we can do for you,” Joseph recalled the doctor saying. “We can weld all your vertebrates together and shorten your movement area but you’re going to have a different life.”

For Joseph, it was a choice between dealing with pain or dealing with not being able to move.

This can be the case for many people with back and neck issues. Traditional medicine will often include invasive, life-altering surgeries as well as addictive pain medications as a solution to chronic pain and the injuries causing it.

There is another way, however. Chiropractic care for back and neck pain can be the answer.

After hearing from his doctor, Joseph sought another option at the Navarre Chiropractic Center.

“The doctor looked at my x-rays and MRI and discussed with me about not only how he felt but how I felt,” Joseph said.

When you’re in pain, it can be very reassuring to be able to talk through exactly what you’re experiencing.

Dr. Llaird Likens cares about your overall well being and will seek to provide solutions that fit your circumstances, your wishes and your lifestyle. Fortunately, Dr. Likens has many different tools he brings to the table, different from a typical chiropractor.

That’s because his continued learning and certifications in areas like clinical nutrition, chiropractic biophysics, whiplash, impairment ratings, applied kinesiology and functional medicine allow him to see the whole picture for a patient. Dr. Likens is able to use a variety of therapies and treatments for a particular patient based on their individual needs.

In this case, Joseph receives ongoing traction therapy and acupuncture.

Traction removes pressure from the spine by stretching and manipulating the muscles and discs apart to create space and provide relief.

“Fresh fluids go in and give me a little cushion and hopefully keeps the spine and neck straight,” Joseph says of the therapy.

Using traction, Dr. Likens aims to relieve pressure and pain associated with back and disc problems, joint pain, sciatica and even herniated discs and other spinal injuries.

Joseph also receives regular acupuncture treatments in order to stimulate his nerve endings and alleviate pain and mobility issues. The thin, sterile needles used in acupuncture send messages to the brain that allow the release of endorphins and other chemicals that help relieve pain. Acupuncture takes the body out of fight or flight mode and allows the body and muscles to relax and eliminate tension.

The combination of these treatments have given Joseph his life back. He comes in two times a week and now has a better quality of life. He has avoided surgery, a fused back and a life-long subscription to pain medication.

“When you have someone on the other end that cares about how you feel and listens to what your needs are, it works. You work as a team. You get problems resolved,” Joseph said.

Being able to return to normal activities is the goal with chiropractic care. Avoiding addictive pain medications, muscle relaxers and invasive surgeries is possible if you’re suffering from pain after an accident, injury or as the result of the type of work you do.

Dr. Likens works with a variety of treatment options to help you feel better. If you have any questions, call us today so we can help you get started. Dr. Llaird Likens accepts insurance and offers self-pay options. Dr. Likens also proudly serves veterans as a partner with the Veterans Administration (VA). He services those living or visiting in Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Midway or Mary Esther.