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We value our patients’ experience at Dr. Llaird Likens and would love to hear from our patients about their experiences with Dr. Llaird Likens at Navarre Chiropractic Center.


We value our patients’ experience at Dr. Llaird Likens.

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • I was very fortunate to find these folks while I was on vacation. I ended up slipping a rib and I called to ask if they take walk ins. They set me up with an appointment and got me in quick. They were so nice. During treatment you could tell these people liked their jobs and patients. – Ryan H.

  • It’s helping me to get better after my car accident. Overall people works there are helpful and pleasant. – Emilie M.
  • My back went out while on vacation. They took me right in and saved my vacation. Great service and great medicine. – Darren S.
  • Very smart, beautiful, energetic and knowledgeable staff and doctor likens is the best chiropractor there is. – Neil W.
  • I started seeing Dr. Likens weekly at the end of January 2023 and have seen vast improvements already. My frequent back pain has lessened to more tolerable levels and my tension headaches/neck discomfort have become minimal. In addition, I have a sports watch that tracks my nightly HRV and I have noticed a significant increase in my nightly numbers. I have a long journey before I will be free from musculoskeletal aches and pains, but I feel closer to that goal after each visit. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Likens for adjustments in combination with Ben for myofascial release. The combination has helped me considerably. Just to note: I am receiving chiropractic treatment alongside a disciplined diet and moderate exercise. Greg J. 

  • Llaird is an amazing Chiropractor. I trust my body and the bodies of my entire family to him, including our infant. He truly listens to your needs and addresses them appropriately.  Matt C.

  • Dr. Llaird is the best Chiropractor. He is incredibly knowledgeable and he really addressed the source of pain that all of the other Doctors’ overlooked. He was a life saver for my active lifestyle! Ashley S.

  • There isn’t enough space on this review to write all I’d like to say about Llaird Likens and his abilities as a Chiropractor! Not only did he discover a serious spinal disorder my son had, he helped ensure his quality of life and a return to sports. I took my son (a H.S. sophomore at the time) to Llaird for what I expected to be a routine treatment. Through experience and intuition Laird new something more was going on. The issue he diagnosed had been previously missed by other medical professionals. Llaird’s diagnosis allowed us to get Sam the treatment he needed in “the nick of time”. Today my son is a college student-athlete, and a life-altering setback was avoided. Llaird is an example of a person who is working in his God-given profession/calling. We’re truly thankful for him!  Marc C.

  • Dr. Likens, the man…the myth…the legend. I’ve had a rib out of place for years giving me some chest discomfort that I thought would never go away. Dr. Likens was able to correct it relieving me of the pain. He could have also told me come in every week to keep in good order and I would have done it. You know you have a good trustworthy place when he tells you “okay you’re good to not come in for a while, any issues call me”. Highly recommend this place. Diesel O. 

  • I am a chiropractor and Dr. Likens was my personal chiropractor for the last five years.
    He is a knowledgeable and gifted Doctor, chiropractor, and acupuncturist. I am happy to recommend Dr. Likens to anyone who needs chiropractic care. Brandon B. 

  • Very great staff and business! They always welcome you by name and are always smiling. Extremely knowledgeable on chiropractic care and overall health and physical wellness. It’s nice to have a Dr office that offers a variety of top quality care that doesn’t cost an outrageous amount. Dr Likens honestly takes the time to figure out what you need and what’s the best resolution. Shana J.

  • r Likens is very personable, caring, and extremely knowledgeable in the fields of Chiropractic Care and Acupuncture. I have achieved quite a bit more range of motion in my neck and back along with an increased level of pain management due to an extensive treatment plan provided by Dr Likens. I highly recommend him for your Chiropractic and Acupuncture needs.  M.W.

  • Dr. Likens has been my savior for a few years now. Whenever my hips and lower back get out of wack a quick adjustment and I’m like new again. He’s also very informational and truly wants to help solve the problem. I’ve been taught how to try and prevent the problems from reoccurring as often. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone who’s looking for some relief.  Amanda R.

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