Auto Accident Injury

Everyone Should Be Examined by Their Chiropractor After Any Car Accident

Dr. Llaird Likens has 15 years of experience as a chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, athletic team chiropractor, clinic director, and lecturer. Dr. Likens has seen thousands of patients at his offices in Navarre, FL after they have experienced auto accident injury. Here is some of his advice for everyone who is involved in a car accident or who suffers whiplash from any other kind of traumatic injury. 


In a Car Accident, Even If Your Car Isn't Damaged, You Can Be

Many people assume that if a fender-bender doesn't leave a scratch or a dent on their car, they must be OK, too. Unfortunately, whiplash and other forms of auto accident injury can occur even in a 2-mile per hour crash. The amount of damage done to your body is determined not by how fast you are moving but by how quickly you slowed down when your car was in the crash.

The Pain of Whiplash Can Take Weeks or Months to Develop

The bones in your cervical spine, the vertebrae in your neck, are directly connected to your neck muscles. The absence of tendons and ligaments in your neck gives you greater range of motion for moving your head. Muscles involved in auto accident injury do not cause pain until they become inflamed. The inflammation process can take several days. Only after muscles begin to swell do they exert pressure on the cervical spine that pulls it out of alignment, limiting your range of motion and making certain movements painful. It's not unusual for people suffering from an auto accident injury to completely forget their crash by the time they start feeling pain.

The Sooner You Get Chiropractic Treatment, The Less Pain Your Car Accident Will Cause

Prompt chiropractic treatment sometimes can stop auto accident injury pain before it starts. Chiropractic manipulation to get your cervical spine and the vertebrae lower in your back can prevent a long process of ever-increasing misalignment, pain, and immobility. Your chiropractor can provide the treatments that correct the source of your pain, while giving you methods to control pain without drugs or surgery.

Don't wait to see Dr. Llaird Likens for auto accident injury.

When should you see your chiropractor for assessment after an auto crash? Ideally, you should make your appointment with your chiropractor just as soon as the crash has cleared, even before you fill out all your insurance paperwork. 

Dr. Likens is ready to help you achieve a speedy recovery. Call Dr. Llaird Likens Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Navarre, FL, and request an appointment to see him today!