Functional Medicine

Functional medicine uses a systems-based approach to finding the cause of disease and discomfort. A patient works hand in hand with their chiropractor to create the right treatment plan to not only treat their symptoms, but to also address the cause of those symptoms. Functional medicine uses a holistic approach that combines physical treatment options with nutritional support and mental well-being to create a treatment plan that is effective for the body and the mind. This type of treatment improves your quality of life on all levels. 


Nutrition and Holistic Healthcare

Functional medicine uses nutrition and holistic treatment options to address your symptoms and find the cause of your illness. Instead of simply suppressing your symptoms, functional medicine addresses the cause of those symptoms, allowing your condition to heal.

Your treatment plan will include a diet that will provide you with the nutrients your body needs to heal properly. With the right nutritional plan in place, each system in your body will be able to function efficiently, gradually restoring your health and eliminating the cause of your disease or illness. 

Be Mindful of Your Body

Being mindful of your body and any changes in how you feel will alert you to the possibility of illness or disease. Being aware of how your body functions will allow you to describe to your chiropractor just what is going on and how it is affecting your health and overall well-being.

Understanding your body will also allow you to communicate any positive changes you may experience as your body begins to heal. By being mindful of your body and how it functions, you can begin to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes that support the healing process. Establishing long-term habits will take time, but are well worth the effort you put into them. 

Visit Dr. Llaird Likens Chiropractic Center in Navarre

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In addition to functional medicine and a variety of holistic healing techniques, Dr. Likens also offers nutritional counseling and chiropractic care to all of his patients. Our goal is to treat every aspect of your being: mental, emotional, and physical. This allows for more complete healing and will provide you with the tools you need to create healthy habits. Call us today at (850) 939-3339 to schedule an appointment.