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Spinal health is not something everyone thinks about, but seeing a chiropractor is an important part of functional medicine that can help you take care of yourself holistically. At Dr. Llaird Likens Chiropractic Center we don’t want you to only consider a chiropractor when your back is out completely. With our holistic approach, you can experience not only pain management for your injuries, but also to help manage various health conditions and everyday discomforts without resorting to excessive medications.


Auto and Personal Injury Accidents
injuries from accidents such as auto accidents and various types of falls can cause injuries that are not always felt immediately, like whiplash injury, but left untreated can turn into chronic pain. If you are in one of these accidents, seeing a chiropractor right away is one of the best choices you can make. Qualified chiropractors can make a fast and accurate diagnosis of injuries that were sustained that can help you with possible insurance claims as well as getting you on the road to healing more quickly.

Acupuncture Treatment
with ultrathin needles that restores balance in the body based on the ancient practice.

Scoliosis Treatment
which is spinal curve restoration, if left untreated scoliosis can cause degeneration and overall discomfort

Applied Kinesiology
a technique that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing and other non-invasive methods of evaluating body function.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance
Helping patients make smart choices about what they eat and what supplements they take to achieve proper health.

Sports Chiropractic Care
as it applies to both treating sports injuries and strengthening the body to limit further injuries in athletes and other active individuals. Techniques such as Active Release Technique, Graston, and Kinseo Taping can help you maintain joint function and heal more efficiently in order to keep you at the top of your game.

Overall Pain Management
Pain doesn’t just happen because of a specific injury, it is often the result of a condition brought on by the natural wear and tear of life. We employ a large variety of methods that can help you manage everyday aches and pains and learn how to reduce its frequency.

Community Education
When Dr. Likens is not practicing, he does what he can to help the community of Navarre, FL to understand chiropractic, health maintenance, and nutrition by accepting speaking engagements at local businesses and other organizations.